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Does your family have a dog sized hole in their heart?  Are you kiddos begging for a pup, but you know they don't have the time to invest in training him? A Family Ready Puppy might be the best option for you. Family Ready puppies are kept at our place a little bit longer. We help them with the important family skills of housebreaking, leash training and other basic obedience skills during the first few months.


Family Ready training usually takes 4-6 months. During this time, you are welcome and encouraged to schedule regular visits with your pup. You can also take your puppy home for a weekend every once in a while!  We will work with the puppy on basics and extra enrichment in the beginning.  As your puppy matures and able to handle more tasks, Birds & Bones Kennels, a partner facility, will continue training your puppy to meet the specific goals and needs of your family.  Your puppy will stay with us until he graduates at 16-24 weeks of age, and you take home a well mannered, family adjusted, puppy.

Routine vet costs, vaccinations, food, and toys up to Puppy Pickup Day are covered in the Family Ready Puppy fee.  Due to space and time requirements, we limit each litter to 1 Family Ready puppy.

FAMILY READY PUPPY TRAINING will address: Sit, Down, No, crate training, leash training, housebreaking, introduction to navigating public areas, interactions with other dogs and strangers, as well as additional needs of your family identified during the pre-training interview. 

FAMILY READY PUPPY: $7,500 ($3,500 nonrefundable deposit required)

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