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If you would like to get in early on these planned 2023 breedings, please fill out an application and we will contact you about our waiting list.

*Breedings are planned but subject to change

All puppies are started on early neuro stimulation and are loved and played with from birth.  Puppies go home with a clear veterinarian checkup, microchip, limited AKC Registration papers (excluded for goldendoodles & bordoodles), education and some puppy gear to take with you.


AKC Registered Golden Retriever

Sweet, intelligent & ready to please.

65 lbs

My project-1 (10).jpg

John Wayne

AKC Registered Golden Retriever

Everything you would want!

70 lbs

Lucy x John Wayne
AKC Registered Golden Retrievers
Due June 21, 2023 - Go Home Aug 15, 2023 (approx)

You can't go wrong with this litter. 

Whether for family or hunting, these pups will be a fantastic addition to your home.

Price:  Red $2000   

Non-Refundable Deposit: $500 (included in price)



AKC Registered Golden Retriever

Devoted Velcro Girl

68 lbs


AKC Registered Standard Poodle

Strong & Smart

69 lbs

Trixie x "Red" (Redbud)
Planned Breeding June 1 - Go Home Mid September 2023

This litter is a great opportunity find the perfect companion!

Price:  Red $2000   Red/White  $2500

Non-Refundable Deposit: $500 (included in price)

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