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Who We Are

Wood Family Goldens & Doodles is owned and operated by Eric & Sarah Wood.  It is a small hobby breeding program located about 80 miles north of Houston, in Livingston, Texas with plenty of room inside and out (125 Acres to run) for the dogs to live with our family of 6 plus various other farm animals. 

Our momma dogs are our personal pets.  Because of this, we plan litters carefully and maintain a screened  waiting list.

What We Do


Our breeding program is geared toward achieving intelligent, loving, companions. It is our belief that a dog who is both smart (trainable) and loving will be most successful in families, and that is where we hope to see our puppies.


Each dog and puppy is loved and cared for daily by our family of six. They are provided with varying environments and play to help stimulate their thought processes and help them develop the easy going, eager to learn, personality we value.

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